Body And Soul


Full Body Massage - 75 minutes: £65

Back Massage - 40 minutes: £45

Feel the warmth on your body as polished sea shells glide smoothly over your skin, sending you to a place of utter relaxation and inner calm. The warmth of the shells massaging your palms, through to your arms, neck and shoulder and back area, then working on key stress points to release tension and unblock knots.

Voted the ‘most wanted’ therapy by salons and spas and heralded as the “UK’s hottest massage”.



45 minutes: £40

Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday stress, with a relaxing Indian Head Massage, ideal for neck and shoulder tensions. Using a variety of massage pressures and techniques, it is one of the most relaxing types of massages you will experience.

Starting from the back of the neck working deeply over muscles and pressure points, moving to the scalp to help stimulate and revive, and finally to the face, with a wonderful soothing face massage, working on pressure points and draining techniques that may help headaches and sinus issues.



40 minutes: £30

Relax and enjoy a gentle, warm, massaging sensation for the ears, using a specially designed hollow candle, inserted just inside the ear canal and then lit to draw away impurities from within the ears.

The rising air not only massages the ear drum, but also helps to regulate ear pressure and remove a small amount of ear wax. Ideal for sufferers of colds, sinusitis, tinnitus, glue ear, hayfever, tension headaches as well as other conditions. A soothing sinus or auricular massage is also offered as part of the treatment.